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Cross blood foundation extensively concentrates in the service of cancer affected children and also those affected by terminal illness. The concept of blood donation is our main agenda because it is this donation which is very much essential for those affected with cancer and other terminal diseases. We work for those children affected with thalassemia a type of cancer for which treatment is perineal and expensive.

Blood Bank

Cross blood foundation is having a strong feel that an indigenous blood bank would be an ideal solution for the long run. As this would help us work towards stocking more blood in all forms. A mobile blood bank would be the best solution for sourcing blood from corporates as there is a lack of infrastructure to accommodate donors. Both the project put together would come up to around 2.5 crores. Our main challenge in 2016 would be to raise funds to this tune and make both the blood bank and mobile blood bank a reality.

Increase the volunteer base

We would like to create a rapid volunteer base increasing activity at various levels and create healthy participatory programs where the volunteers could interact with affected children with cancer and those who are terminally ill. We would be creating a membership module and give them the option on which platform they could participate in. We would be eying at around 2000 by the end of 2018.

Ecommerce portal

This is a new gen inclusion as the whole world is moving online we would be selling cancer awareness merchandise and handicrafts work of cancer affected children or individual, self-help groups(SHG’s) and destitute women. These ethnic products would fetch good value in the European and American market if we ae able to get fair trade certificate.


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